Celebration Wishes

Hello All, Hope you are all doing good, as this month comes to an end! Today is a very special day for me,  As 11 years ago, I was just bringing into this world my beautiful Daughter!  It's amazing how time flies, Her first words, first steps, First day at pre school, then on to... Continue Reading →


The Branches Sway

Wind swirling,  branches swaying. Storm overhead, Birds singing,  squirrels scrounging. Lightning bolt, flashes in view. Thunders rolling as a tide coming to shore. Fat droplets splatter among the concrete before People running to shelter,  dogs shaking the rain off their fur. Stopping to take it all in.   Wind tickling, hair whipping in the wind.... Continue Reading →

Wispy and Free to Be

As I awoke in a different place, A new mindset, It felt a  bit strange Although quite refreshed. Weight off my wings, chains broken, Shattered a miss, Big world to explore What to wait for, no barriers stand before.   Soaring to the east and west, Trees, birds, lakes and streams, What beautiful colors that... Continue Reading →

Letting Go of the Baggage

Memories shade the sunshine, darkness takes over. Your deceptive agenda, always using. Love only when it fits your benefit. Hiding behind your mask. Only wanted to make you proud, your heart deceives. Eyes that dance, a child that didn't understand. Wanting your love, support & acceptance. Burying it all, putting it behind me. No more... Continue Reading →

Today is a Good Day

Hello All, I want to start off by saying Thank You to all of you,  your support,  kind words & Reading my blog! This month is full of important dates for me.  A few days ago I celebrated my one year anniversary for my blog.  Something I have wanted to do for years and I... Continue Reading →

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary! To Me …. and my journey on this fun creative ride of picking up and writing like I have always done,  Just never shared it with others.  This past year, I have learned so much, met some wonderful friends and embraced the encouraging  blog world!  I can't wait what this next year brings, ... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Hi everyone, Sorry I have been away, I have been taking care of a sick loves one. I truly hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year this far. I apologize for not been on and reading all of your wonderful works I will be catching myself up in... Continue Reading →

Bright as Snow

Left pondering, Over their dialogue, reminiscing and laughing as if it were yesterday, Was it fate, that she Chose to take a walk. Flakes of white float down from above, Displays full of tinsel, white lights fill the sidewalk. Familiar voice of greetings, and a warm soft tug His touch, so kind, request for coffee... Continue Reading →

Thankful For…

Hello All, I know I have been slacking lately, as I was going through something personal.  Looking back I should had shared it with you all as I am sure that y' all would had been supportive and inspiring.  I have been reading your blogs,  although I have not been very communitive and I apologize.... Continue Reading →

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