Ohio, See You Soon

  Hello Everyone, As the holidays come quickly around the corner, I have been very busy!  I have several drafts waiting on me to edit,  I just haven't had enough hours in the day, being a single Mom. My Son is a Senior this year,  so many deadlines to meet, Colleges to visit! Senior dues,... Continue Reading →


Comfortable being Bare

Leaves falling, and swirling, Blanket of colors amongst the ground. Orange, Yellow, red,  Light green! God's beauty, letting go in all shades of burden. Comfortable being bare Loving ourselves as we are. Awaiting the new that comes in the spring. Standing firm although swaying with the change of weather. Setting free the barriers from the... Continue Reading →

In Shoulder Deep

Shading,  burnt out What one says changes to another Love comes then it dissipates. Life into fine air What one thought was true, turns into a fairy tale. Nothing seems as it is. Drowning into a hole. of absence. Numbing the ache in my chest as it clenches in defeat. Love seems irrelevant in shoulders... Continue Reading →

Struggles Strengthen Us

Up, Down, all around Here we go, one minute happy, next terror Does it ever end? When the line goes straight, and your last breath, exhales. Lifeless body... Heartbeat goes up like a mountain down in the valley, over the hills in the curves. Gives strength within, Take each moment and live, who knows what's... Continue Reading →

Small Fire and a Starlit Sky

Cool night breeze, fingers running through my hair, giggles, and small talk,  of before and what is yet to come. Small fire, starlit sky,  smell of wood burning, hear the crickets and critters of the night. Leaned against each other, cuddling like kittens. Sweet whispers , completely happy in each others company. No fancy dinner,... Continue Reading →

October, are you ready?

October Orange, yellow, red and brown leaves fall, Colors and shapes of all different kinds. Time is coming full of festivities and holidays, are you ready? Offer a hand to the elderly that needs assistance or the orphan that just needs love! Be Grateful and generous in the days ahead,  we have all had trials... Continue Reading →

Toxins from Her Tongue

Twisted, jagged, gash to the side. Bleeding out, ear-piercing, She comes in and out, like a snake looking for its prey She slithers on the ground trying to bring others down. Poison them with toxins,  from her tongue. Crippling as many as she can.  just to brand. Obscurities,   Laying wounded but breathing, Wondering if... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Love is Best of All

Late night cries, early morning rise, You were always there.  even so I had dancing eyes, You never turned your back or gave up, just took it all in stride. When I would try but couldn't see you would take me for a ride.   Doctor visits, radiation, tons of test, Medicines to crumble, you... Continue Reading →

Gazing with Pure Delight

Moments of yesterday, fill his mind thankful he's still by her side,, fingers interlocked, gazing at her with pure delight! Wind swirling around brings faint sounds of a wind chime, sitting in the gazebo enjoying their morning view,  in his raspy voice, he reads her the morning paper over his cup of coffee. Many years... Continue Reading →

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