Left Bare

Clothes left astray, of old  drawers left empty and bare. where a frame used to sit the coaster left with a ring. Standing in the middle of this room filled with memories, his guitar and him, going out into the universe! I hope I taught him well as lessons will never cease. Go out into... Continue Reading →


End of Chapter

Hello All, Hope you all are doing well! Got my son off to college. Here is a glimpse of my last month Then my daughter promoted to middle school! 2 days later! And the finale! Thank you all for the love and support! A new chapter begins...

Graduation Day

Hello All, Sorry I have been away!  Been getting ready for the big day, family coming in, graduation party, preparing for my son to leave for college in a week. I am one proud Momma! Be Patient, the big night is here! I will post pics after.  I have one week to get him off... Continue Reading →

Cage Door left ajar

adrift a peg, furthest from the door left open to free,  caged bird no more perched where can see, out the window open to trees, blue skies and grey clouds afar wondering, waiting, what to do. Safe here caged in doom or take the chances to fly away in the great big sky!   Written... Continue Reading →

Flying Low

Walking along a path, winding with tall trees birds chirping, squirrels running, bees buzzing around looking for nectar, relishing in the crisp fresh air that surrounds observing as a bird teaches its babies to learn to fly, taking in the lesson and the beauty of nature. One little runt, hesitant to take its first flight.... Continue Reading →

Left Wondering

Words that you spoke echo in my mind, Confusion, frustration, spiral like a wind chime. Some days light and breezy, bring beautiful melodies, Others, still, quiet, laying lifeless of their abilities! Somedays left wondering if your even trying!   Written by;  J Leigh 3/26/2019      

Just an Appetizer

Caress the Night Away, with your strong, rough working hands, against  silky soft skin. Shadows in the moonlight, mesmerized in our own paradise Hearts Pounding, Hands that can't get enough of your body against.... Shallow breaths, sucking the air outta the room. Beads of perspiration from longing and need. Days waiting, Months yearning for your... Continue Reading →

Don’t You See – #WorldPoetryDay

Stop!   Don't pick up those pieces, Leave them be,  Don't you see? That weight is not what you need!   Breathe deep,  Look out at the trees, branches swaying in the breeze. Bare,  starting fresh with light green leaves!   Spring brings Growth! Relish & Meditate A new perspective might sound strange,  advocate! Stay... Continue Reading →

Left Unkept

Flooded with turmoil,   choices to make. Hope in the unknown, Gut wrenching, trembling, Words that are no longer meaningful, Actions desolate to the venom  off your tongue. Hands so steady, eyes piercing, hug felt so tight, yet it all comes crumbling down.  Surrounded by rubble. Meaningless words,  Promises left unkept. How many signs have... Continue Reading →

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