Living with Vision Loss


Helping a family Member with sight loss!

  • Be an Encourager!
  • Be Supportive of Our Goals, Visions, & Dreams!

For those that may live with someone who is visually impaired be mindful of things like leaving the kitchen drawer open,  leaving a bag on the floor,  moving things that you know we commonly use.  Our home is like our comfort zone and a lot of times we do things out of routine.  So we don’t have to use the energy to focus our eyes, when we are home.  We want to relax and I know it seems so minute to put the peanut butter back where you got it from  however  things like this make it so much easier on us,  you just really have no idea!

Loving Oneself from within!

Some days are easier than others,  That’s just the way it is.  One day I get up feel like I can conquer anything set in front of me and others it can get quite frustrating.  Although as far as I can tell vision or not,  Most people deal with the same feelings.    I don’t consider myself that much different.   It might take me a little longer to see, or read something however whether it be with an aid or a friend I can usually get all I need and most I want accomplished.

I love to write!

When I am down I take five and just write!  I enjoy working with my hands,   reading although it takes me longer since I have to continually focus my eyes,   Sometimes I will use audio but I would rather read it if I can.

Family Funny:

Have you ever lost your keys?

My Mom,  I love her to death:  She is always loosing her keys,  I can’t find the keys,  Easy solution put them in the same place daily!   Sighted people could learn so much from us if they would actually take the time to do it!

I am visually impaired and I am usually the one that finds the keys, you know why,  I retrace her steps,  I know my house so well,  I know where she went throughout the whole house and I can usually remember about the place,  she was when I heard her put them down.  Hearing and feeling are such  important factors in my world!







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