About Me

I am visually impaired!

I am a single independent lady who loves my life, &  the ups and downs that go with it.  What would we do if everything always went as planned?   It would be such a boring life!  haha   I have learned flexibility is crucial and part of the day-to-day hustle!  I roll with what is thrown at me!  I have two beautiful children,  enjoy helping people! I have a wonderful amount of support from my family!

Some might say that I am hard to keep up with which is quite comical to me since I keep up with most that have a license,  20/20 vision and are what the world considers normal.  Well,  this is my normal and I am quite content!   Maybe,  I am just too much for them to handle. 😉

I love writing,  poetry,   children,  art,  crocheting,  reading,  outside activities.  photography,  helping the elderly, traveling,  hiking trails,  late night fishing,  my family,  games and puzzles,  new adventures are enticing!  I love vacationing on the beach with sand between my toes, something about it is just so relaxing to me!!

I have faced many obstacles along my journey over the years but I am happy & proud of my accomplishments!   I have many more goals to fulfill on my journey although writing and helping others I thoroughly enjoy!

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Please feel free  to reach out to me if you have any questions.   I look forward to hearing from anyone that has experiences or questions!


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