Numbness & Loneliness

My chest restricts at the thought of

not feeling your touch, holding your hand,

hearing your shallow breathes in my ear,

your arms holding me tight, as nothing could tear away.

How did it come to this, distance, silence, no giggles

or sitting watching tv on the sofa, enjoying the nearness of one another.

Looking into you beautiful eyes, seeing the depths of your soul.

So happy and free yet chained and defeated.

The memories flood me into a deep pit, gasping for air.

Yet wanting to give up hope and drown to oblivion.

Demons haunt, guiding you to loneliness, when you deserve

love, unity and oneness,  So what shall it be!?!

Numb and Lonely


Love and  Peace


Written by;   J Leigh



13 thoughts on “Numbness & Loneliness

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  1. Reading this makes me think of how people say they can be physically close to someone, yet there’s a distance between them as wide as the ocean. It hurts watching people change and seeing them grow more distant from you. You see them smile, yet part of you wishes it was you who was making them smile like that. Such a flow of raw emotions in this poem, J. Just heartfelt, my friend. 💕

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