Wispy and Free to Be

As I awoke in a different place,

A new mindset, It felt a  bit strange

Although quite refreshed.

Weight off my wings, chains broken,

Shattered a miss, Big world to explore

What to wait for, no barriers stand before.


Soaring to the east and west,

Trees, birds, lakes and streams,

What beautiful colors that have been missed.

Dreams so bright do not compare

to what is seen, and in store!   A new chapter,

new perspective,  To paint a canvas full of joy!


Passed through the storm, survived the hurricane,

Now to encounter a beautiful rainbow!

A new journey, with mountains to conquer,

Now  weight of a feather, wispy and free

to feel the breeze in my wings.

A brand new day,  full of dreams!


Written by:  J Leigh





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