Bright as Snow

Left pondering, Over their dialogue,

reminiscing and laughing as if it were yesterday,

Was it fate, that she Chose to take a walk.

Flakes of white float down from above,

Displays full of tinsel, white lights fill the sidewalk.

Familiar voice of greetings, and a warm soft tug

His touch, so kind, request for coffee and small talk.

Old memories of Football, chatting in the halls, before jitterbug!

Demeanor sweet as honey, sharp as steel,

Love stolen in the night, by one heartfelt hug!

Memories of a flame, once ran from, a spark to ignite, constellation

Storms she has overcome, journey with a new hope!

On this white wintry night, for once she felt pure affection,

A simple embrace, touch so gentle, the wall she built demolished

Crooked smile, eyes that reached the depths of her soul, she felt a genuine connection!

Sign from above, as she walked home, with a pep in her step

she could feel the joy reach her cheeks, as she read “did you make it home safely/”

with sincere compassion!

Content with being on her own, although this might end up quite an adventure,

Shall it be a Christmas Miracle

Written by: J Leigh

12/ 2018


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