Thankful For…

Hello All,

I know I have been slacking lately, as I was going through something personal.  Looking back I should had shared it with you all as I am sure that y’ all would had been supportive and inspiring.  I have been reading your blogs,  although I have not been very communitive and I apologize.

I have a weight lifted off my shoulders. 

A few weeks ago I went to the doctor to get bad news or maybe I should say worrisome, they had to do a procedure and get biopsies.  I have been waiting weeks to get the results.  Today I finally got them back and there is no cancer.  I do have to go back in 6 months because there were abnormal cells,  however I am so very Thankful there’s no cancer!

I do want to thank you all for always being  uplifting and supportive! Y’ all have welcomed me into the blog family with open arms and I just want you to know how much I appreciate each of you!  🙂

Much Love and thanks to you All!

J Leigh


28 thoughts on “Thankful For…

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  1. Very happy to hear you got great news. Now, sit back and relax.
    From the personal experiences of people close to me, I can tell you it can be an enlightening event.
    Now your coffee should taste a little sweeter, the flowers should smell a little enchanting, and the sun should shine brighter in your day.
    Congrats on the good news.


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