Evaporates in the Wind

Emptiness fills my being,  You touch evaporates,

What once was whole, is now diminished

Your hug,  lingers but no longer there.

Your thoughts of us, together, miles apart.

Love yanked from under like a rug.

Standing foolishly, searching for a ghost.

Yesterday full of love, today a memory!

Love, joy, comfort, happiness, didn’t matter…

like words etched in the sand,  tide rolls over and it dissipates.

Out to Sea,   Like a dream,  woken from,  so real,  And then it’s gone!

Where did it go,  was it ever there?


Written by:  J Leigh


7 thoughts on “Evaporates in the Wind

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    1. So Happy You enjoyed it, Words sometimes can’t portray the feelings, emotions that are felt deep within our souls! We can merely just try to explain the best that we can, to get it out, or it seems that way to me sometimes! 🙂

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