Ohio, See You Soon


Hello Everyone,

As the holidays come quickly around the corner, I have been very busy!  I have several drafts waiting on me to edit,  I just haven’t had enough hours in the day, being a single Mom.

My Son is a Senior this year,  so many deadlines to meet,

Colleges to visit!

Senior dues, drafts, and getting ready for graduation, him going off to college, which is bittersweet!

I am so proud of him and want him to follow his dreams, being Mom,  I wish it wasn’t so far away.  I know I will miss him but I am so happy he will get the experience.  Many thoughts go through my mind,  “have I taught him all he needs to know, as he goes out on his journey, is he ready, or am I?”   He is very independent, I know I have !

We are going out-of-town at the end of the week to visit his college of choice,  let him visit the university and fill out all the necessary paperwork.  I have done a lot online,  filled out for grants, scholarships and lots of other paperwork.   haha\

This will be our first road trip with him driving.  Since I am visually impaired, I am unable to drive so we have always been at the mercy of family and friends.  Now he is driving and is wanting to go 500 miles away to college.  I am so happy for him though

I know he will do well.  He is always a hard worker, diligent, and stays on top of his responsibilities.  I couldn’t be more proud of him!  I am truly blessed, he has always been very caring, hard-working, stayed on top of his studies and all his hard work has paid off.  Now I want to see him fly!  Fulfil his dreams and I will be here cheering him on and encouraging him along the way as I always have!

So it may be some getting used to for Mom (Me)  however I couldn’t be more proud of him!  I always wanted to when I was his age so I am so blessed that he will get to.  I don’t care what I have to go without for him to get this wonderful opportunity!

So as I write this,  the list of things to do grows,  as always that’s life, right!  🙂

Seems the weather is dropping quickly so hats, scarves and gloves must come with us Along with layers, Heavy coats!

I will try to take pictures on our visit to post when we return!


Ohio!  Watch Out!  Here we come!


I can’t wait to be traveling and get to see all the beautiful trees changing colors!

Much Love to All,

J Leigh



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