Hey all, My wonderful blog friends, I want to thank each and everyone one of yall for all of your support. I know I am a very private person in alot of ways. I need to ask a favor of each of yall. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I am very sick... Continue Reading →


Losing Me, Pleasing You

Trembling from the depths of my soul Lost and broken, Lies of love Promises of forever Slapped in the face by betrayal Love is free so fly away Leave me here in a mess of fray Rather than pull me around with mischief. Take your shackles, sly words and manipulation Wings broken, mangled, purple and... Continue Reading →

Father’s Thorn

My veins pulsate With fire igniting through them My head pounds and my body shutters Reality sinks in Alone My comfort and serene Lies Empty promises Abandonment Yet I am made to be the failure Looked down on So... Look in the mirror Horns Hatred in your eyes For a child that you created Yet... Continue Reading →

She will Mend

Layers fall to her feet As she sheds defeat. Unwanted reminders Find her but she learns Let them slide right off In the mirror she faces Herself With a promise to keep She will never give up But continue her journey. she sits with her coffee, book, & chocolate This night she will mend Her... Continue Reading →

Droplet of Love

As a flowers petals Begin drooping, thirsting For water in the midst of Heat, Quenching for a droplet Of love, attention! Missing the breeze, spring showers Wild and free! Wilting, yet not giving up hope For better days ahead Written by: J Leigh

Sand and Stones

Stones thrown, sand suffocates, walls of steel Cant keep the words from seeping Through the cracks around the barriers. Climb to the top, The depths build your Character . . . J Leigh

Soul Deep

Pain ignites in her veins. Feeling as though hit by a train. She sucks it in & smiles through the pain Fear is felt, yet she resists surrender, warrior within will defend her. All in one, she is a warrior! Written by: J Leigh

Igniting from Within

Sitting up on the phone with your best friend watching the sunrise, knowing that you have a full day ahead of you, yet distant and numb. Yesterday continues to replay  over and over storm that left a path of destruction,  picking up the pieces in months to come,  counting your blessings  all your loved ones... Continue Reading →

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