Left Wondering

Words that you spoke echo in my mind, Confusion, frustration, spiral like a wind chime. Some days light and breezy, bring beautiful melodies, Others, still, quiet, laying lifeless of their abilities! Somedays left wondering if your even trying!   Written by;  J Leigh 3/26/2019      


Just an Appetizer

Caress the Night Away, with your strong, rough working hands, against  silky soft skin. Shadows in the moonlight, mesmerized in our own paradise Hearts Pounding, Hands that can't get enough of your body against.... Shallow breaths, sucking the air outta the room. Beads of perspiration from longing and need. Days waiting, Months yearning for your... Continue Reading →

Don’t You See – #WorldPoetryDay

Stop!   Don't pick up those pieces, Leave them be,  Don't you see? That weight is not what you need!   Breathe deep,  Look out at the trees, branches swaying in the breeze. Bare,  starting fresh with light green leaves!   Spring brings Growth! Relish & Meditate A new perspective might sound strange,  advocate! Stay... Continue Reading →

Left Unkept

Flooded with turmoil,   choices to make. Hope in the unknown, Gut wrenching, trembling, Words that are no longer meaningful, Actions desolate to the venom  off your tongue. Hands so steady, eyes piercing, hug felt so tight, yet it all comes crumbling down.  Surrounded by rubble. Meaningless words,  Promises left unkept. How many signs have... Continue Reading →

Memories in the Wind

Memories invade Guilt kicks in of what was once to be. Time continued on leaving her stuck in yesterdays memories. Song of a bird brings her back, Out of the cage she once was in! Let them go, to fly in the wind, To live in the present, journey you're in! Let the struggle strengthen... Continue Reading →

Footsteps and Shadows

Gashed,  snarled, masked! Footsteps came quick, Ringing, burning, piercing pain, Heat pounding, Fight! Kick!  Scream! , Punch! Heavy, so strong, his weight! Don't stop moving, Don't give in! Grip loosening,  Defend Before he gets the chance to Try again!   Written by;  J Leigh

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines! If you are single, know that it's ok! Love yourself! Do something special for you or if you have kids do something for them. Wait until you find the one who truly love you for who you are! Until then buy yourself flowers or pamper yourself with a... Continue Reading →

Broken Heart in February

Words  full of shrapnel, Explode, rupture, ripping and gashing all through inner being. Heart full of holes, bruised & barely beating, Stomach twisted, wrenching and disintegrating, Brain on fire, charred, splitting! Lungs, collapsing, gasping for air,  next breath. Fatigue, weakness,  anxiety and restlessness! Why come into my life, to tear me apart! Strong, independent, caring... Continue Reading →

Numbness & Loneliness

My chest restricts at the thought of not feeling your touch, holding your hand, hearing your shallow breathes in my ear, your arms holding me tight, as nothing could tear away. How did it come to this, distance, silence, no giggles or sitting watching tv on the sofa, enjoying the nearness of one another. Looking into... Continue Reading →

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