The Let Go

Time is a healer with patience Have the courage to feel and then release it Enduring the pain and then letting go Like the leaves that fall in autumn Ending one season & preparing for Tomorrow's new adventure of moving forward Grateful for a new beginning Onward with your journey Written by: J Leigh 6/18/21

Peace Within

Passion to explore Extraordinary inner Acceptance & awareness Courage to let go Embracing the unknown. Written by : J Leigh 05-24-21

What’s on her mind?

Hey to all! So I have a few new goals I'm working on and wanted to see what yall think? What do you see? What is she thinking!? Take a good look and observe! What do you think when you see her? This is an idea I have been thinking of. So please let me... Continue Reading →

Insight in a moment

As I watch the snow melt while forming clumps amidst the ground I ponder on thoughts that we form into mountains in our minds. Like water dissipates just as time never stops ticking, we long for the glory of tomorrow as we should be present and grateful in each moment. A Moments thought

Light in the Darkness

As I looked at the sky the moon peaked through the trees at me in a beautiful glow. So I decided to capture the moment! Later when i looked closer at it I realized it was a heart in it! Hey I had a wonderful moment last night and I just wanted to share! Lots... Continue Reading →

Beautiful moments amongst difficult times

Hello to all, Β  I hope that all of my blog friends are surviving and thriving in ways we can even if it's around our own home! πŸ’– My twin nieces & nephew having fun in a tree Flowers in my back yard Christmas Cactus Beautiful Sunset

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