Light in the Darkness

As I looked at the sky the moon peaked through the trees at me in a beautiful glow. So I decided to capture the moment! Later when i looked closer at it I realized it was a heart in it! Hey I had a wonderful moment last night and I just wanted to share! Lots... Continue Reading →

Beautiful moments amongst difficult times

Hello to all,   I hope that all of my blog friends are surviving and thriving in ways we can even if it's around our own home! 💖 My twin nieces & nephew having fun in a tree Flowers in my back yard Christmas Cactus Beautiful Sunset

Staying In

Hey everyone, Hope all are doing ok during these trying times we are facing. I have been busy with my garden in the back. As well as trying to find educational and fun things to do with my daughter while school is out! So today I decided after working in the garden and her doing... Continue Reading →

Grandma’s flower garden

As we spring into Marcb my Grandmas flowers are popping up I love the beautiful shade of purple A choir of daffodils peeking up at the sun Standing tall Lots of beautiful flowers to greet me as I go to my Grandma's this morning. Pictures taken by: Me J Leigh

Chirping Through the Storm

Chirping in the Storm Wind blows, the branches sway, Droplets from the sky fall down Beading on the branches and leaves To fall making little puddles. A break in the clouds, the birds Chirp Fly down to the water, taking a drink Pecking around looking for food. Clouds draw back, drizzle in the cold crisp... Continue Reading →

Moments of Yesterday

Hands tangled together,  Happiness in the air Now it's all gone in the wind without a care. Crumbs thrown out to the birds  with a quick dust of the hands to a woman that did all she could to love and nourish, just to withstand the hurt, pain, ghosting, blaming, judged, and at the end... Continue Reading →

Veteran’s Day

To All the Veterans I want to personally say Thank You! This I wrote for a very dear friend. That I love and miss very much. I just want to say "Thank You" for making the sacrifices You have for being selfless And Brave! For putting your life on the line Most of all I... Continue Reading →

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